Apple may reveal web browser for Apple TV, says analyst

Apple may reveal web browser for Apple TV, says analyst

Turn off the torrents, because today the day promises! A few hours before Apple's musical event in San Francisco, analyzes point to the presence of Apple TV in the news script, despite the focus of the day being on new iPods, the “Cocktail” project and a new version of iTunes.

Apple TV

Ezra Gottheil, an analyst at Technology Business Research, believes that Apple will present an update to Apple TV today, bringing an internal browser to tap into the real potential it can tap into.

"We believe that Apple TV does not sell because it does not support the fastest growing distribution medium for television content: the web," said Ezra, betting that Cupertino still has plans reserved for the device, launched in 2007.

Apple TV, for those who do not know, allows viewing content from iTunes on televisions and has been used in conjunction with third party solutions precisely to fill this gap that was not officially addressed by Apple.

Ezra points to the statement made by Tim Cook, Apple's COO, when presenting the results for the first quarter of this year, that sales of Apple TV had risen almost three times in relation to 2008 and that the company promised greater support for the product.

"Of course, the movie rental business has really helped Apple TV, and there are more and more interested in trying it out," explained Tim Cook. "We will continue to invest in it, because we believe that there is something reserved for the company in the future."

Apple TV, in fact, is a product with a great chance of consolidating Apple's presence in the living room. It can be the central point of confluence in a home with iPods, iMacs and an entire digital entertainment station. I hope Ezra is right in his prediction!

[Via: The Street.]