Apple may manufacture new iPhone SE in India to avoid taxes

The relationship between Apple and the India climbed very well in recent years, after a deep crisis characterized by the very low sales of Apple in the country. The company’s “luck” began to change after giving more attention to the Indian market, including a billion-dollar investment in manufacturing there.

This investment was announced after the company started manufacturing iPhones – including models flagship – in the country, both to reduce the value of products there and to please the Indian government. Now, it seems, the Apple is ready to start manufacturing the new iPhone SE in the country, according to The Information with people “familiar with the subject”.

According to the information, at least one of Apple’s suppliers in China would be ready to start shipping components of the new iPhone SE to factories in India. With the assembly being carried out in Indian territory, Apple will be able to avoid heavy import taxes (about 20% of the total value).

The new iPhone SE currently sells for approximately ₹ 42,500 (about $ 557) – while the device sells for $ 399 (plus local taxes) in the U.S.

Last May, the government of India announced that its production incentive program would help several international companies to manufacture more consumer goods domestically, and with Apple the expectation is no different:

We expect Apple to produce up to $ 40 billion in smartphones, mainly for export through its contract manufacturers, Wistron and Foxconn.

It is worth remembering that Apple does not yet have a physical store in India due to multiple state bureaucracies. However, the company is expected to build its first retail space in the country this year, scheduled to open in 2021 – but it is not known whether these plans have changed course due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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