Offer: iPhone XR 128GB for R $ 3,699!

Apple may lower price of iPhone XR in Japan; company should “resurrect” the iPhone X

Offer: iPhone XR 128GB for R $ 3,699!

The bad news involving lower-than-expected iPhones sales continues to circulate – it’s no wonder that Apple’s stock continues to plummet. The subject of now, raised by the Wall Street Journal, involves the iPhone XR and the Japanese market.

According to the vehicle, the company plans to lower the price of the device in Japan, offering subsidies to local operators – which in turn would be passed on to customers in exchange for a loyal contract. One reason for this is that the model is apparently being overshadowed by sales of the iPhone 8, which remain strong in the region. It is not yet known when this price drop will happen, but the WSJ bet that this could be put into practice by Apple as early as next week.

In addition, the newspaper reported that the company is thinking of resuming production of the iPhone X in some regions. And that would have nothing to do with a possible strong demand for the device; would be more linked to the contract the company has with Samsung Display, which requires a minimum of OLED panels to be produced.

As sales of the iPhones XS and XS Max would be slower than expected, bringing the iPhone X back could allow the company to use this “leftover” OLED in a product that could have a good appeal to the public – depending on the price charged by Apple, obviously.

It is clear that Apple will hardly sell the iPhone X again in its stores, showing openly to the world that it resumed sales of an already discontinued device and that it has many similarities with the iPhone XS; the strategy would be to market it only through partner operators and resellers. It is also unknown whether, if the plan is actually put into practice, in which countries the model would be offered again.

It is good to make it clear that absolutely nothing has been commented specifically about one region or another, so we don’t know if the iPhone X will be “resurrected” in Brazil, for example.

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