Apple may launch Smart Keyboard with trackpad later this year

Apple may launch Smart Keyboard with trackpad later this year

For a simple accessory, until the rumored machine about the Smart Keyboard is very active. Last week, we talked about the possibility that the next version of the accessory will arrive with a butterfly keyboard, similar to the new 16-inch MacBooks Pro; now, a new rumor suggests that it will get even more advanced.

According to The Information, Apple will launch this year a new version of the Smart Keyboard with built-in trackpad. The device, of course, will integrate with the new features of iPadOS 13, which allow the use of pointer devices (such as a mouse or trackpad) in addition to the traditional touch interaction of tablets.

According to the report, the idea is to launch the new Smart Keyboard with the next generation of iPads Pro – which, according to recent rumors, should arrive in the first half. As a result, Apple’s idea is to position its future “professional” tablets as even more capable substitutes for complete computers, while offering the portability and flexibility of a smaller, lighter and thinner device.

The sources of The Information realize that the next Smart Keyboard will come with materials and design similar to the current generation, perhaps contradicting the previous rumor of the butterfly keyboard – after all, if Apple really plans to radically change the keys of the accessory, it will have to change the materials of the device deeper way. There is also no information as to whether the new keyboard will in fact come with backlit keys, such as the DigiTimes spiked last month.

It remains to be seen, now, whether the (alleged) arrival of the Smart Keyboard with trackpad will bring about more profound changes in the way that iOS / iPadOS handles pointer devices. So far, this integration is very rudimentary and more thought from the point of view of accessibility; if Apple is interested in further improving iPad productivity, on the other hand, it will need to think of advanced solutions for using the mouse / trackpad with your tablet. We will see.

via MacRumors