Apple may launch Smart Keyboard with scissor mechanism later this year

Apple may launch Smart Keyboard with scissor mechanism later this year

Likes to work in iPad, but he doesn’t really like the membrane keys on the Smart Keyboard? Accessory manufacturers already have dozens of accessories that will solve your problem, but Apple itself may come up with a solution like that very soon – at least that’s what the DigiTimes.

The website (which is not the most accurate, but has good sources in the supply chain of Apple in Taiwan) said that Apple should launch, later this year, a new version of the Smart Keyboard with scissor mechanism keys – that is, a keyboard very similar to the one we have in the newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The report is not very specific: the DigiTimes he only stated that “the next generation of iPads will have a keyboard with a scissor mechanism”. Obviously, the site is referring to an accessory like the Smart Keyboard, as hell is more likely to freeze than Apple to launch an iPad with a built-in keyboard.

We also don’t know what iPads these are – it may be that the report only refers to iPads Pro, or perhaps to all tablets in the Apple line. THE DigiTimes promises to release a more complete report on the rumor in the coming days; we will, of course, stay tuned for possible new information.

Anyway, the rumor is a sign of a strong trend in Apple: apparently, the scissor keyboard will return with everything after landing on the 16 ″ MacBook Pro. We already have rumors that the smaller MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will also get the component back, and now even the Smart Keyboard could be part of the party. Opinions?

via MacRumors