Apple may launch smaller notch iPhone in 2020

Apple may launch smaller notch iPhone in 2020

As competition struggles to get rid of notch (that cutout to house cameras and other sensors that are in the front of the device) already in 2019, it seems that this year iPhones will have, as last year, the same notch.

That is, if that is true, it will be three long years with this thing keeping us from having a screen with really amazing use on iPhones. But things could change in 2020 At least that's what the world's most famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said today in an investor note shared by the Chinese website. MyDrivers (Google translator).

To be very specific, Kuo reported that at least one iPhone released in 2020 would be equipped with a smaller front camera lensin order to be accommodated in a smaller cutout than the current one.

J o China Times citing an analyst at Credit Suisse investment firm in Asia said (Google Translate) that Apple plans to launch a new iPhone model no face ID (and consequently the notch as we know it today) in 2020. Still according to the analyst, such an iPhone would have a front camera under screen and an "acoustic" Touch ID corroborating rumors already commented here by us.

J in 2021, the analyst believes that all three models released will be completely free of clipping, thus completing the transition to handsets with front cameras and Touch ID under the screen.

Bottom line: In 2019, according to these analysts, iPhones will still have the notch; by 2020 two tero models notch smaller while one of them no longer has clipping (with camera and Touch ID under screen); By 2021, all devices would have a camera and fingerprint sensor under the display.

Will Apple really back to bet on Touch ID? It's worth remembering that this week, the company ran a new commercial for the iPhone highlighting the Face ID, stating that such an unlocking method is simpler and safer than the fingerprint reader. 🤔

via MacRumors