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Apple may launch new Thunderbolt Display 5K with integrated graphics card [atualizado]

Just yesterday we commented that the stocks of the "current" Thunderbolt display they are quite low in some places, which may indicate the arrival of a new model. Now the rumor began to heat up.

According to sources in 9to5Mac, Apple is even preparing to launch a new 27-inch Thunderbolt Display obviously, just like the iMac, with 5K resolution. The problem, as pointed out by the iMore, how to make this technically feasible within the current DisplayPort 1.2 specification.

The answer today came with the possibility that this new Thunderbolt Display will come with a built-in GPU, which by the way would justify its price (which is already high). With that, a single Thunderbolt 3 cable would be able to hold it.

Another plus of this rumor is that this new monitor could be used even on super-compact Macs, like today's 12-inch MacBooks that don't have graphics cards powerful enough to handle a Thunderbolt Display 5K. Obviously, if the monitor were connected to a Mac Pro with an even more powerful GPU, its internal would be automatically disabled.

If Apple does not follow this path, it would be ideal for it to wait for DisplayPort 1.3 but it would postpone launching the Thunderbolt Display 5K for at least another year and a half. Or then she could “settle for” what she has today and present only a 21.5-inch Thunderbolt Display 4K. We'll see

Update · 2016-02-02 s 16:34

For those who were expecting this new Thunderbolt Display to be announced at WWDC 2016, O iMore today threw a bucket of cold water at the possibility. The monitor does arrive, but it's not so early that strange considering the fact that stocks of the "current" are low / nonexistent.

It is quite possible that, as in the past few years, WWDC will be fully software focused.