Apple may launch new smart home gadgets in addition to the HomePod

The home automation area has extreme potential, but unfortunately Apple is unable to keep up with the market (at least for now).

In addition to offering the platform HomeKit, the Cupertino giant has few gadgets residential, of which we can only count the Apple TV (which integrates the Casa app) and HomePod.

This situation, however, may change: according to a new article by Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, Apple is increasing your signings for the HomeKit hardware and software team, possibly to “catch up with the company” in this technological niche, which is dominated by Google and for Amazon.

More precisely, Apple is looking for engineers to work on any possible device (s) in addition to its smart speaker – which in itself is already a synonym for limitation, since it is available in very few countries.

Mercadologically, HomePod accounts for only 2.1% of the available smart speaker market.

Chart: smart speakers market

Gurman also reported that Apple has explored a “wide variety” of smart home accessories, including modules that can open and close windows automatically, but that these projects have apparently been suspended.

More than gadgets from Apple, HomeKit’s own platform is still limited: currently, more than 450 household accessories smart phones are compatible with Siri, against 85,000(!) that support Alexa, Amazon and 10,000 that support Google Assistant – numbers that certainly don’t make the Cupertino giant happy, either.

The venture is being attributed to former Mozilla chief technology officer Andreas Gal – who joined Apple last year after the acquisition of Silk Labs by the Cupertino giant.

Since being hired, the executive has worked to shake up and breathe life into Apple projects, taking inspiration from the Silk Labs platform that uses artificial intelligence to connect multiple residential devices.

Really? We’ll see.

via MacRumors