Apple may launch more radios like Beats 1; it is now possible to listen to reruns of the programs [atualizado]

Apple may launch more radios like Beats 1; it is now possible to listen to reruns of the programs [atualizado]

You liked the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe radio online Beats 1? Would you like to see a Beats 2, for example, being released? Well know that Apple has already left all the land prepared with the record companies to be able to launch to five more stations of these, according to the The Verge.

Beats 1Beats 1 anchors (from left to right): Ebro Darden, Julie Adenuga and Zane Lowe

When signing the contracts for Apple Music (which, of course, encompass Beats 1), Apple also licensed the tracks to be played in other possible stations to be released, who knows with a specific focus or even with a regional vision (with based in Asia, Australia, etc.). THE MacRumors he even announced that Apple already has some domains related to these possible registered stations, such as,, and many others.

Apparently the record companies are really enjoying the performance of Apple Music and Beats 1 radio, mainly because Apple pays a little more than competitors for playing the tracks. In addition, even though Apple Music is in the testing phase (no one is still paying for it), music purchases on the iTunes Store were not impacted by the music service. streaming yes, they are falling, but this has been happening for some time.


Leaving the possible news aside and talking about something concrete, whoever misses a Beats 1 program from now on can follow their reruns, as informed by MacStories.

Beats 1 Replay

To do this, just tap the search icon and type ‚ÄúBeats 1 Replay‚ÄĚ and the programs will be listed within Connect (Apple Music's social network). The annoying part is that, when listening to a replay, the information of the songs played is not shown as in a live program. In addition, as we are talking about a recorded program, you cannot enjoy the music being played.

Billboard 200

On a related note, the Billboard reported that the Apple Music service is now taken into account in its rankings Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100. Besides Apple Music, services like Amazon Prime, Beats Music, Google Play, Medianet, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Tidal, Spotify and Groove Music Pass (formerly Xbox Music) also contribute to the rankings.

Dr. Dre

Oh, and to close the news of the service streaming from Apple, who recently entered the iTunes Store must have seen that the store is promoting the new album by Dr. Dre (rapper, producer, actor and co-founder of Beats now also an employee of Apple), entitled Compton.

Compton (new Dr. Dre album) featured on the iTunes Store

Because, according to the MacRumors, it will be sold exclusively on the iTunes Store and be available only on a streaming guess which one!

Update · 08/12/2015 s 10:22

Apple is now highlighting these replays in the ‚ÄúNew (o)‚ÄĚ tab, both in the Music app (iOS) and in iTunes (OS X).

Beats radio replays 1

Beats radio replays 1

Beats radio replays 1

It is quite possible that soon they will also have a dedicated area somewhere in the musical service. It is true that some refinements still need to be made (there is, for example, no reference to the dates of transmission), but it has already begun.