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Apple may launch MacBook Pro with 5G connectivity in 2020

Apparently Apple is preparing to debut its first MacBooks Pro with cellular connectivity In the coming year, even integrating support for mobile network technology, the 5G. Information is from the dollar DigiTimes.

At this stage, no site other than the DigiTimes It's throwing up this possible news. That way, Apple is probably just exploring possible designs for notebooks with cellular connectivity, but still don't put them on an upcoming release schedule. On the other hand, rumors that the 2020 iPhones will feature 5G support and the recent deal involving 5G technologies with Intel also leaves a flea behind the ear.

According to the news, Apple is supposed to use a ceramic material to manufacture the 5G antenna board instead of the typical metals used by other manufacturers. This would apparently "dramatically" improve cellular reception and transmission speed of the 5G. While on the one hand this can be extremely positive for the machine's cellular performance, such a material is not at all cheap and can cost up to 6x more than the “ordinary” components.

Although surprising, this is not the first time Apple could be exploring the possibility of developing a MacBook with cellular connectivity. In 2011, the company would have considered launching a 3G-enabled MacBook Air, but former CEO Steve Jobs chose not to implement it as it would "take up too much space and make customers dependent on carriers."

This so-called 5G model is believed to be an addition to the MacBooks Pro line, rather than a full replacement, with a speculated starting price around $ 3,000 That is, if the rumored 16 ″ MacBook Pro was not expected this year, it would be a good bet to have 5G support.

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