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Apple may launch hybrid Mac with chips from both Intel and ARM

what says reporter Seth Weintraub, from Computerworld. According to him, Apple should take full advantage of the acquisition of PA Semi by implementing both Intel and ARM chips in its line of portable Macs. Although the idea is not revolutionary or new (Dell already does see the image below), it can bring many benefits to users.

Dell Intel and ARM hybrid

Basically, notebooks would now offer two modes of operation: one over there smartphone (for emails, general web browsing, etc.) and a complete one. The first, of course, would draw much less power from the machine just imagine, a MacBook running an adapted iPhone OS for three days in a row without recharging?

Whenever the person wanted, they could switch to the full Mac OS X Leopard which, with this new feature, would still gain a new layer of security, aiming mainly to make it difficult to install the system on conventional PCs. He could go on to order a special ARM chip from PA Semi to work properly, of course this would be implemented gradually, since even today's Macs would be compromised by such a restriction.

The idea, for now, is nothing more than speculation but certainly something that the people of Cupertino are considering for future Macs.