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Apple may launch folding iPad (and iPhone) by 2021

If we did a retrospective of this year so far, surely the releases of the first folding smartphones Samsung and Huawei (though not among us) would be featured among the biggest events in the technology world. What was supposed to be the beginning of a new era became, however, a failed launch, at least on the part of Samsung, which had to postpone the start of sales of the Galaxy Fold.

But that is not to say that consumers have downplayed their desire for a folding device, as a survey by Swiss bank UBS pointed out by CNBC. In investigating users' interest in these gadgets, it turned out that over a third of consumers surveyed would buy some folding smartphone, with the iPhone among the most coveted brands.

Still according to the bank, Apple is working on gadgets folding for some time; Since 2017, some rumors have been fanning that Ma was already developing folding OLED screens. Still, UBS notes that Ma's first folding case is not an iPhone, but an iPad, which can be launched next year or, at the latest, by 2021.

Apple is constantly working on technology (for folding devices) and UBS believes that an Apple folding product could be launched next year, although it says this is more likely by 2021.

That possibility was also speculated by IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin last month when rumors revolved around a new folding iPad with support for 5G networks.

Not surprisingly, most respondents cited price as the possible biggest obstacle to adopting a possible folding iPhone. In this sense, users have claimed that they are willing to spend a little more than the current line of iPhones for a folding device (about $ 600 more), but nothing like the $ 2,000 of Galaxy Fold.

For those who find the idea of ‚Äč‚Äča folding iPhone unattainable, just remember that Apple has acquired some patents related to flexible and even folding devices, encouraging the creation of different concepts.

Whether it's just speculation or not, Apple will surely learn from its own mistakes (and those from other manufacturers) before announcing the "next big thing."

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