Apple may launch five models of iMacs at Macworld, including 28 ″ version

Apple may launch five models of iMacs at Macworld, including 28 ″ version

Ryan Shrout, from PC Perspective, claims to have information that Apple will present four versions of iMacs based on the integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipset and Intel processor quad-core.


According to him, two models will be 20 inches, with the top of the line still having the same chipset present in the MacBook Pro 15 ″, the GeForce 9600M; two other models will have 24-inch screens. The most basic model also has the GeForce 9600M; the superior model has a faster card, the GeForce 9800M.

Shrout also claims that Ma will launch a fifth iMac model, with a 28-inch screen. Unlike the others, this one has an Intel X58 chipset and Intel Core i7 processor that has HyperThreading support, simulating a system octa-core.

A dedicated NVIDIA chipset, such as the GeForce 9800M, should complement the configuration of this model, since the Intel chipset does not have integrated graphics processing. With this option, Apple would finally be introducing an intermediate machine between the normal iMac and the powerful Mac Pro something long awaited by consumers in general.

Speaking of Mac Pro, an update announcement for the same can also be expected. He believes that Apple's professional machine has Intel Core i7 processors based on Xeon technology. A NVIDIA GT200 graphics card should be the standard option.

However, only the 20 and 24 inch models of the iMac should be made available to the public shortly after the announcement during Macworld. The 28 ″ model of the iMac and the Mac Pro options are only expected to ship in February.

It looks like we’ll have some good news this Tuesday. New iMacs, new mini Macs, new 17 ″ MacBook Pro and new Mac Pro models!

[Via: AppleInsider.]