Apple may launch first iOS 13.4.1 beta soon

Atualizando o iOS

Apple launched the iOS 13.4 last week and, generally, after the availability of an operating system, the company provides participants in its testing program (Apple Beta Software Program) with access to the next version of the software in a new betas cycle.

Now, according to information from the The Verifier [Google Tradutor], Apple is preparing to launch the first beta version of iOS 13.4.1 in the coming days, with “bug fixes”. One possibility is that Apple fixes a flaw in VPN connections that has existed since iOS 13.3.1, which allows websites to track users constantly.

It is also worth noting that, recently, a bug was discovered that hits the Google search in Safari 13.1 – when searching for a term with the plus sign at the end (“+”), it is properly excluded from the results.

The publication also infers that the final version of iOS 13.4.1 will be released in April, followed by three other updates (presumably versions 13.4.2, 13.4.3 and 13.4.4) before the official release of iOS 14, on the second semester.

It is important to note that the The Verifier has a mixed track record of rumors about Apple systems, although it’s not hard to imagine that Apple will actually continue to release updates for iOS 13 in the coming months.

Interestingly, a discussion on Reddit about the launch of a possible «iOS 13.5» highlighted an interesting fact about Apple’s mobile operating system updates: the company never released five system subversions (for example, iOS 11.5 or 12.5), just with minor updates, as it did with iOS 11.2.6. So it is really unlikely that she will do that now.

via 9to5Mac