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Apple may launch AR headset only in 2022, followed by smart glasses

Contrary to most rumors so far, the The information published today a report in which it infers that the first headset Apple AR be released only in 2022, followed by another, smaller model, which is supposed to be announced in 2023 and can be used “all day”.

According to the news, these (possible) release dates were shared by Ma executives in an internal presentation to at least 1,000 company employees last October, which was reportedly led by the newly appointed AR / VR chief. from Apple, Mike Rockwell.

As you can see, the The information talked about two gadgets different: the first one would be a headset larger, “similar to Oculus Quest” by Facebook. According to the information, this device could create a virtual environment with which the user interacts, which in some way is already offered in products from other manufacturers.

Already the second device would, in fact, be more advanced and would look like glasses (or almost so), ie smaller and easier to use “for long periods of time”. In addition, this gadget it would allegedly be able to do everything the previous model will do, as well as being able to “map surfaces, edges and dimensions more precisely than other existing options”.

To illustrate these features, the October meeting attendees attended a demonstration in which a virtual coffee machine was placed on a real kitchen table surrounded by people in a room. When placed in the environment, the image of the people around the coffee machine was overshadowed to highlight it.

Also according to the report, the code name of this gadget would be N421, unlike the T288 register that had been speculated. Thus, it is not known which device (the largest or the smallest) would in fact be the infamous "Apple Glass".

It is possible to list the information published by the The information recently rumored about a possible partnership between Apple and Valve in the development of this headset, which would make the viability of the first gadget even bigger.

On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence showing that this device could be launched next year, as reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo by Mark Gurman Bloomberg) and developer Guilherme Rambo so at this point there are more mismatches than happy coincidences.

via MacRumors