Apple pode lançar AirPods 3 à prova d

Apple may launch AirPods 3 waterproof later this year, analyst says

As the month of July draws to a close, we are approaching the next investor meeting of Apple, where we should have news about the company's economic plans and projections. Along with these expectations, financial analysts also make their predictions about the future of the company and one of the most interesting about Apple's next generation of headphones, possibly the ones. AirPods 3.


We show how it works and give our opinion on the new generation of AirPods

As usual, we don't have official Apple information before its announcements, but the speculation comes from Apple analysts. Wedbush, who expect the company to launch a new version of its wireless headset by the end of the year and this time with water protection feature. The report is not just about resistance, as in the case of IP68, but about gadgets. really waterproof, which would be a much more "palpable" evolution than just more battery life or "better connectivity". That would imply a price increase the headphones too.

In addition to speculation about the phones, which are expected to arrive by the end of the year, Wedbush forecasts also speak of what to expect from the next iPhone, which is likely to be announced much later – in September. Forecasts are in line with what we have seen of rumors and leaks, as expected. That is, we must have models with three cameras in the new versions of iPhone Xs and Xs Max and a set of dual cameras for the successor of the iPhone XR.

In the case of Apple's next financial report due July 30, experts expect a stable sale of iPhones. Contrary to previous projections that even spoke down, Wedbush people believe that Apple should not sell fewer handsets, and will likely even have an increase in the number of units shipped. THE China It remains a tricky market for the company, but its recent price cuts there should have a positive impact on its sales. Analysts did not comment on the latest rumors about China receiving an exclusive iPhone model.

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