Judge reduces damages that Apple will have to pay WiLAN from $ 145 to just $ 10 million

Apple may have to pay up to $ 862 million to the University of Wisconsin for patent infringement

A jury from the United States won the case yesterday University of Wisconsin (actually Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the institution's patent licensing arm) in a lawsuit against Apple involving infringement of a patent on its A7, A8 and A8X processors used on iPhones and iPads.

According to Reuters, the violation of WARF patent number 5,781,752, registered in 1998 and which improves the energy efficiency of chips can cost Apple up to $ 862 million. It is not a value that would cause a problem for the company, but it is still very significant.

The jury still decides how much Apple owes WARF, which amount has to be approved by Judge William Conley. Apple is likely to still be able to appeal the decision, regardless of the amount set.

WARF originally filed this lawsuit against Apple in January 2014. It used the same patent against Intel in 2008, but both reached an agreement on the eve of the trial.

(via AppleInsider)