Apple may have to pay $ 1 billion to Nokia

Apple wants Nokia sales blocked in the U.S.

Nokia revealed a few days ago that it filed a lawsuit against Apple in a North American court because Steve Jobs’ company uses its technology on the iPhone without paying for licensing.

Some analysts have already done the math and believe that the North American manufacturer may have to pay between 200 and 1 billion dollars (133 and 665 million euros) to the world leader in mobile phones. The calculation by Strategy Analytics, quoted by Reuters, is based on the number of devices that Apple has already sold – 34 million iphones – and the number of patents that Nokia claims are being infringed, 10. Still, it results in an interval comprehensive range of values.

The same analysts see Nokia’s success in this process as probable, as they recognize that the company has key mobile technologies to provide services in this area, alongside Ericsson, Motorola or Qualcomm. Traditional manufacturers maintain cross-licensing systems among themselves that ensure respect for the intellectual property held.

The same sources guarantee that, among traditional manufacturers, licensing prices are relatively cheap, especially when there is cross-licensing, which is not the case with new manufacturers, who may have to deliver up to 10 percent of the sale price to holders of intellectual property rights. involved.

Nokia claims in the documents it handed over in court that it had submitted several price proposals to Apple and that the company had always refused, ending up advancing the iPhone without licensing the technology at all.