Apple may have hinted at Siri’s arrival in Portugal

Apple may have hinted at Siri's arrival in Portugal

Believe it or not, the Crab until today it didn’t show up in Portugal – and us thinking it took her a long time to get here. A clue found on the company’s Portuguese website at All Things Applehowever, it may indicate that the assistant has her bags packed for the land of our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

Portuguese and Brazilian page with highlights of the new AirPodsPortuguese and Brazilian pages featuring the highlights of the new AirPods

The images above are from the resource pages of the new AirPods in Portugal and Brazil, respectively. Do you notice any difference? See that, while the Brazilian page mentions our already known command “Hey there, Siri” as one of the features of the new headphones, its Portuguese counterpart cites the same functionality, but with another phrase: “Hey Siri”.

This, of course, raises suspicions. The phrase «Hey Siri» is not used as a standard command to evoke the assistant anywhere, Portuguese-speaking or not. Apple of Portugal, therefore, would have no reason to simply “invent” the phrase out of the blue, which may indicate that Siri is really arriving in the country.

This statement, however, can only be seen as speculation, even – at least until Apple officially announces something. Fortunately, there is no shortage of milestones for this to happen in the near future, be it next Monday’s event or (looking a little further) at the next WWDC. It will be?

tip from André Fonseca