Larger flex cable on MacBooks Pro

Apple may have fixed the MacBook Pro #flexgate quietly

In January, we covered here a cable problem flex in MacBooks Pro which could, over time, bring problems to the backlit your screens. So far, Apple has not commented on the issue – dubbed #flexgate – and has not opened a recall or anything like that.

But yes, it seems that the company not only took notice of everything, but took the necessary steps to solve the problem – curiously, silently. Who discovered it was iFixit, taking internal photos of a recent MacBook Pro unit for one of its repair manuals.

The guys learned that the cable flex of recent models (from 2018) is 2mm longer than the 2016-17 models in which #flexgate was detected, a difference that should already be enough to avoid the problem.

Larger flex cable on MacBooks Pro

The change applies to both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks Pro, indicating that it was a general and definitive change to the machine’s design to prevent future headaches.

The news is great for new MacBook Pro owners, but it does not take away Apple’s responsibility to admit the flaw and offer a solution for the first laptop buyers who may face the problem.

via 9to5Mac