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Apple may have a cheaper version of Airpods Pro in the pipeline

The launch of the Airpods Pro sparked the Apple wearables business, leading the market with a significant margin. S in the third quarter of 2019 the apple company grew 195%, now having a market share of 35%, more than double that of Xiaomi that takes second place.

Despite the recognized quality, their earphones are far from being cheap and therefore, Apple may be preparing a Lite version of the Airpods Pro, for a launch in 2020. Whoever advances the information to Digitimes, based on sources in the supply chain Apple's supply in Asia.

Advanced information is scarce, noting that this is not a new generation of the system, but the redesign of a lighter and cheaper version of the Airpods Pro. Apple keeps two earphones products on the market. The classic version of Airpods, in its second generation, is the recent Pro model. The price difference between the two abysmal versions, of about 120 euros between Airpod 2019 (about 160 euros) and Pro (280 euros). In that sense, Apple could create a mid-range product to reach more audiences.

It should also be noted that Apple is one of the companies that has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, having been forced to divert the production of its products from China to Taiwan.