Apple may expand the offer of optional anti-reflective screens to more models of its line of Macs

Apple may expand the offer of optional anti-reflective screens to more models of its line of Macs

Domestic consumers do not usually twist their noses at a monitor or notebook with a finishing screen glossy. Even in the professional market, the opinion of its use is varied, as we saw earlier here in , but, even so, the amount of complaints coming from this sector on the subject is very large. The solution that Apple would be planning for this, according to the AppleInsider, expand the offer of anti-reflective finish (anti-glare) for more models in its line, in addition to simply the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

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Whether it is true or not, doing this is not a seven-headed bug. This feature is currently an option at the time of purchase of Apple's top-of-the-line notebook, for a symbolic $ 50, and in conjunction with the 30-inch Cinema Display, are the only anti-reflective options it offers to its most demanding customers. However, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks Pro are also proving to be quite attractive for their professional prices and features, so that losing buyers just by the type of display finish would be a huge waste.

Standardize the finish glossy on Mac displays it was an idea first brought to the iMac almost two years ago. In this case, the initiative contributed a lot to give the desktop all-in-one from Apple an even more professional and modern design with aluminum. When the new notebooks unibody emerged, it was possible to feel the same style, but even today the professional market complains about the direction taken by Ma at this point, whether in online petitions (like this one, with more than seven thousand signatures) and discussion forums.

Furthermore, the reflections generated by screensglossyIn addition to their brightness, they can be harmful to users' posture, negatively affecting the best viewing angle recommended for use and causing them to adopt postures outside of that recommended to obtain a good image. This statement, taken from a study done last month by an Australian university, is causing her to recommend students and teachers who do not buy notebooks or monitors with this type of finish on the monitor.

Today, there are some companies that specialize in providing installation services for anti-glare screens on other Apple notebooks, while maintaining their factory option restricted to the 17-inch model. In the case of TechRestore, which we have already commented on here in the past, this work can cost up to US $ 200, and it was even demonstrated to those interested in Macworld Expo 2009.