Apple may cut on the accessories of the next iPhone. What will be sold separately?

Apple may cut on the accessories of the next iPhone. What will be sold separately?

Apple may adopt a new strategy to sell the next iPhone at a price similar to the last model, the iPhone 11. The smartphone packaging, which should be named iPhone 12, should not include, in addition to the airpods, the adapter charger outlet. Both pieces of equipment will be sold separately, a forecast that reinforces another forecast, this time from British bank Barclays.

The data from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo were obtained by MacRumors, in a document that guarantees that Apple will launch a new 20W adapter as an optional accessory for iPhones. The production of the 5W and 18W adapters should be discontinued later this year and the new adapter will be similar to the 18W, with USB-C Power Delivery for fast charging.

Although he expects production costs for the iPhone 12 to increase due to the support of the 5G, the analyst believes that Apple will sell the model at prices similar to that of the iPhone 11 and removing earpods and adapters would be a way to reduce costs.

What are the latest rumors about the next iPhone?

There are still several months until Applea presents the next iPhone model, which usually happens in the first days of September, but in March ConceptsiPhone analyzed the rumors and created three-dimensional mockup models of the iPhone 12. The result is in this video.

More recently, in April, youtuber Filip Koroy, from the EverythingApplePro channel, announced that the LIDAR sensor, integrated in Apple's new iPad Pro, "fit" the iPhone 11 Pro and could also be present on the iPhone 12. The strategy should mean that , when launched, be able to have new tools, augmented reality and virtual reality games.

Apple should still maintain the Lightning port instead of a USB-C on the next iPhone. The rumor reinforced "theory" of TF International's analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, in late 2019, which suggests that the apple company may abandon the Lightning connection in 2021, betting on wireless charging and without any physical connection port .

As for launching forecasts, several analysts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic will delay Apple's new smartphone. Therefore, fans may have to wait until November or December. Guaranteed is the new iPhone SE 2020, which Apple presented in April, with a price starting at 499 euros in Portugal.