Apple may buy rights to adapt violent Israeli series

Apple may buy rights to adapt violent Israeli series

Much has been said about Apple's policy regarding its future original productions, which basically disapproves of the display of content considered adult in them, that is, scenes of sex or violence, for example, are not recommended in the series and films of Ma, who wants to build a catalog of productions “for the whole family”.

Well, it is possible that this determination is loosening: as informed by CNBC, Ma is in negotiations to acquire the Israeli series adaptation rights "Nevelot" (freely translated as “Bastards”), a highly violent work that tells the story of two veterans in the army who go out on a killing spree because “they believe that today's children do not understand the sacrifices of their generation”. Wow, heavy.


The adaptation would be starring the actor Richard Gere (“Uma Linda Mulher”) and created / written by Howard Gordon ("Homeland") and Warren Leight (“Law and Order: SVU”). Apparently, Apple is in a sort of auction with other American networks, such as Amazon, Showtime and FX, for the rights of the series; as I said to CNBC, Ma's interest in shaping its own production "Breaking Bad" that is, an essentially adult series, with strong doses of violence and psychological drama.

Obviously, the idea is still a long way off if Apple really gets the rights, it will still have to organize itself around the production to start filming it in the very near future, which indicates a distant release. Still, the encouraging idea.

Toby Kebbell

In other news related to “Apple Studios”, we have another addition to the cast of the series still unnamed captained by M. Night Shyamalan. I speak of Toby Kebbell, known for his roles in “Kong: A Ilha da Caveira” and the most recent version of “Quarteto Fantstico”.

Toby Kebbell

As reported by deadline, Kebbell joins the recently announced Rupert Grint and actresses Lauren Ambrose and Nell Tiger. The actor will be one of the protagonists of the series, which will focus on a young couple who hires a babysitter to take care of their newborn daughter; Shyamalan will be executive producer and direct the first episode, while Tony Basgallop will act as screenwriter and showrunner of production.


Finally, interesting information: Apple would have tried to take "Friends" from Netflix to make the legendary series available on its own streaming from next year.


According to Recode, WarnerMedia, owner of the series, has plans to eventually put production on its future streaming own; as there are still no signs of the start of the project or if it will prosper, the group held an auction for the show's rights in 2019.

Netflix, which currently owns the rights, ended up winning, but had to face strong competition from Apple and Hulu. The final price paid was US $ 100 million for 2019 alone, a significant jump from the US $ 30 million paid in 2018 but very satisfactorily paid by the giant of the streaming, which has in mind "Friends" one of its most watched series.

The news is interesting because it is the first indication that Apple may also be interested in non-original content for its upcoming platform. In fact, it makes sense: nothing better than attracting viewers to unknown series than others already familiar, right?

We'll see what comes out of this whole story

via MacRumors, AppleInsider, Cult of Mac