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Apple may announce Sleep monitoring via Watch next week

Drawing a recent rumor about the “Apple Watch Series 5” come with titanium and ceramic boxes, we have heard little about the next generation of smartwatch from Ma. 9to5Mac brought us a possible interesting news and long awaited.

Yes, Apple is working on a system of sleep monitoring to Watch and be able to announce it at next week's special event, probably. A major impetus for the development of novelty would have come, of course, from the purchase of startup Beddit in 2017.

According to sources in 9to5Mac, the internal codename feature "Burrito" It does not necessarily require additional hardware but it is not yet known whether it will be an exclusive addition to Apple Watch's fifth generation.

Like every system of its kind, Apple Watch uses all of its sensors at night to plot user sleep quality metrics that will be placed inside the Sade app (Health). These include movement in bed, heartbeat and even noise.

One of the biggest obstacles to this kind of feature in Apple Watch is its battery, which lasts today for more than 1-2 days. As such, Ma would have developed an intelligent system to remind the user to recharge it at opportune times of the day so that it can use it smoothly throughout the night's sleep. In addition, there will be a new specific complication for this monitoring.

Taking advantage of the integration between your platforms, the use of the "Do Not Disturb" feature will automatically activate and give priority to possible alarms to be triggered on the watch itself (even silently), using iPhone only as a backup if the need arises.

Personally, I find Apple Watch too “messy” to consider using it while sleeping. But I see the full potential in the novelty and I think it makes perfect sense for the company to offer something of its kind to its users. We'll see what's next for!