Apple may announce purchase of Intel’s modem division as early as next week

Apple Completes Purchase of Intel's Modem Division for $ 1 Billion

We already talked here about the possibility of Apple opening the wallet and buy the mobile modems division from Intel, making room for Apple to produce its own 5G chips and distance itself from Qualcomm’s dependency. The conversations between the two companies were in an intense rain-not-wet until recently, but now they seem to have heated up for good.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, which cites people familiar with Apple’s plans, the purchase of Intel’s modem division is already in advanced talks and, at this rate, could be announced now next week – unless a very strong obstacle is encountered by then, that is.

The article does not specify values ​​for the business, but mentions that Apple could pay more than $ 1 billion to buy Intel’s share, which includes personnel, patents and technologies. The two companies have had these conversations for about a year, but the plans had been put in the background when Apple and Qualcomm settled their differences in courts around the world. Now, something has caused Tim Cook and his gang to revive having a modem division to call their own.

Intel had already announced, since Apple and Qualcomm made peace, that it would exit the 5G modem market, putting the division up for sale to the most interested buyer. The Apple, on the other hand, already has a team working on the chips internally, but Intel’s expertise could be a good help in this process.

Current rumors suggest that the iPhones of 2020 will come with 5G connectivity, and the modem of these devices will certainly be from Qualcomm – as well as some of its successors. Apple’s endeavor in the segment is still a long-term plan, so with Intel or without Intel, we will still need to wait a few years to see smartphones and tablets equipped with Apple’s own 5G modems.

via 9to5Mac