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Apple may adopt messaging standard that will replace SMS

Last April, we commented on Google's efforts to implement the standard. Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS) within a new tool that would replace the Messaging app (on Android) with Chat.

Although, in practice, the adoption of this standard is not a major one, discussions about the implementation of the RCS are still in full swing, and Cupertino is arguing, where Ma is supposed to be discussing the possibility of using this protocol in the future, according to an image shown. during a GSMA event (commercial body representing mobile network operators worldwide), featured on Reddit.

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Image: https://i.imgur/EyZWxTq.png

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In that sense, Apple "would be arguing with GSMA and several carriers including RCS on iOS." The fact that discussions about new features are made all the time and this certainly offers no detail about the company's actual involvement in adopting RCS; However, the Cupertino giant would be interested in three points.

Apple would support RCS to: facilitate the connection between iOS and Android users through official channels (rather than third party apps); meet carrier needs in markets where Apple dominates; and also prepare for the scenario in which SMS would cease to exist along the 2G network.

The goal of RCS is to provide a consistent data-based messaging experience for multi-platform users and includes support for read receipts, typing indicators, high quality image, message groups, and more. Such features are also offered by iMessage, which is limited between iOS and macOS devices.

As we said, it is unclear how (or even if) Apple deploys such a feature; However, it can be said that the company is starting to notice the market around itself and the need to “open up” to other platforms in this sense, RCS would be a very interesting option.

via 9to5Mac