Apple may adopt AMD processors on Macs in the future

Apple may adopt AMD processors on Macs in the future

THE AppleInsider claims that future Macs may receive AMD processors, claiming that Apple is in advanced discussions on the matter with the manufacturer. Currently, both are partners in the supply of advanced video cards for iMacs and Macs Pro (after all, AMD also owns ATI), but the objective of this new agreement would be to facilitate obtaining chips for use in Ma computers.

AMD and Intel

Such an initiative would be justified by Intel's current difficulties in supplying the current Core i5 and i7 processors in an amount sufficient for Apple, which is expected to meet strong demand for new MacBooks Pro in the coming months. In the AMD line, there are processors for a huge variety of computers and devices, but the rumor suggests that only the most advanced models for notebooks and workstations in general would be considered by Apple.

Regarding the construction of SoC solutions (in English, System-on-a-Chip), AMD has a technical advantage over Intel, due to its experience in graphic hardware that it has from ATI veterans, not least that the GPU configurations it sells to Apple only arouse users' interest in the professional market. Considering that the current MacBooks Pro use a graphics solution integrated with the processors themselves, migrating to AMD would represent a technical advance by combining greater computing and graphics power in a product that can consume less energy.

Unlike what happened almost five years ago with the migration to PowerPC, there is no possibility that a potential transition from Intel to AMD will require a lot of developers. However, the AppleInsider says that Apple is already working with chips provided by the company in its laboratories, trying to conclude whether the migration can be advantageous or not.