Apple maps will get improvements on iOS 14; CarPlay may receive support for wallpapers

Mapas da Apple no iOS

The outside world may be on fire, but the 9to5Mac continues to dissect all aspects of the trial version of iOS 14 you put your hands on.

Just as a brief retrospective, here’s a reminder of the main information the site has managed to discover in recent weeks:

Well here we are again – the intrepid explorers have already discovered more likely news that we will see in the coming months, this time related to Maps from Apple and the CarPlay. Let’s go then?


In iOS 14, Apple Maps will give more information to anyone looking for information about Apple store nearest. When searching for an Apple Store, the application will provide information such as availability of Genius, possibility of same-day battery and screen repairs and offer of trade-in for the purchase of new devices.

This information will be displayed together with the data that is already shown today – address, opening hours, phone number, photos and sessions Today at Apple. Apparently, Authorized Service Centers will also be able to take advantage of the novelty and display the extra information on Apple Maps.

There are news related to other types of establishments, too. The Maps will inform, for example, about places that offer discounts for children, private rooms and accommodation for couples; when searching for cinemas, the application will highlight IMAX sessions.

It is not yet known, however, whether the news will be available globally or only in the United States, where the company’s Maps have already been 100% renewed. Let’s wait and see.


Apparently, the CarPlay will also gain a very welcome novelty: finally, on iOS 14, it will be possible to define a wallpaper customized for the home screen of Apple’s automotive entertainment system.

At least so far, Apple is testing the feature with the standard iOS 13 wallpapers – and, apparently, the images on CarPlay will also automatically change according to the preference for Light or Dark Modes.

The news, of course, should integrate with the new features related to wallpapers in iOS 14 as a whole, where users will be able to obtain collections with background images from third parties and enjoy a more refined organization of the options. Good news, isn’t it?