Apple maps will display COVID-19 testing locations in the U.S. company launches new app for rescuers

Apple maps will display COVID-19 testing locations in the U.S.  company launches new app for rescuers

THE Apple continues to leverage its efforts to combat the HIV / AIDS pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the development of more tools that can help the population in this period.

Among the most recent actions, the company launched a collaborative portal to inform testing points for COVID-19 in the United States, which will be displayed on the Maps app (Maps).

With this, health services and laboratories can register as test sites; Apple will review the request and, after approval, the location will appear on Maps.

COVID-19 testing location on Apple Maps

The maps will display, in addition to the location, the associated health professional, the contact number, the website and information about the type of test location. Apple is also asking service providers to advise whether they will require a medical appointment and whether it will need to be scheduled in advance.

Although the process is similar to the ‌Apple Maps‌ Connect platform, which is normally used by companies to add information to ‌Mapas, the new service includes information specific to the COVID-19 test sites. There is still no information as to whether the company will expand the initiative to other countries.

Application for first responders

Apple and Stanford University came together to create a new iOS app that provides first responders (police, fire and paramedics) in the San Francisco Bay area (Bay Area, California) up-to-date and safety information related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

First Responder COVID-19 Guide app icon

The app includes a screening questionnaire to help first responders determine whether to recommend testing for COVID-19 based on a patient’s symptoms, medical history and exposure. If the app recommends testing, the rescuer can schedule a high priority appointment at one of the testing points.

The app uses the frameworks ResearchKit and Apple’s CareKit, also providing a guide with best practices to stay protected, in addition to weekly videos with the latest information about the pandemic and its implications, among other resources.

Stanford University also plans to expand the capacity of high-priority testing to serve essential service workers such as supermarket clerks and utility workers.

The United States today has more than 560,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with more than 22,000 deaths.

Finally, Apple recently purchased the domain, as indicated by the WHOIS registration. The company took over the domain last Friday (10/4), when it announced a partnership with Google in the fight against Coronavirus.

Apple domain registration

The information lists Apple as the organization responsible for registration and CSC Corporate Domains (a company that protects domain names for large corporations) as the registrar. When trying to access the page, however, it does not take you to an active website – therefore, it is not yet known what the platform is for and / or when it will be launched.

The domain may soon be simply redirecting to

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