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Apple Maps vehicles are in Germany; Renewed maps reach more locations

Following the millennial “slow and ever” mantra, Apple continues to carry the Maps to more locations to renew their platform and bring more accurate information to their users. The newest country to receive Ma cars from Germany, as reported by Frankfurter Allgemeine.

According to the report, the company's vehicles began to navigate the country's streets, avenues and roads in early July and will stay there until September. The idea is to capture geographic, property, street / road, and tourist data; In addition, images will be collected for the Look Around which, for now, are only available in a few regions of the United States, but should expand soon.

As usual, Apple Map imagery is smart and automatically blurs faces and license plates, as well as certain data that can be considered sensitive. Apple recalls that data search for its cars can be remade from time to time and it has already gone through several countries such as Canada, Spain, USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Nothing from Brazil so far, however.


By the way, more territories are gaining the updated version of Apple Maps coverage, as noted by the MacRumors. There are only three locations in the US: the states of Texas it's from Louisianaas well as the southern state of Mississippi.

This will give you much richer and more accurate information, with up-to-date terrain data and up-to-date graphical indications of forests, gardens, buildings, sports courts and more. The reliability of the maps is also improved, with a recent and updated collection.

Anyway, Apple's good to speed it up: If Apple wants to keep its promise to update maps across the United States by 2019, there is still a good deal of ground to watch over the next few months.

To give time?