Apple maps may provide recommendations for locations; public transport and “Look around” expand

Mapas da Apple no iOS

The Apple Maps, although they are still in their infancy in various parts of the world, they have already reached a point where they are perfectly usable in several other locations. In the United States, for example, Apple finally completed the renewal of the platform with its own information, more accurate and updated with more promptness. Now, a new feature may be in the pipeline.

THE The Verge found an unprecedented job vacancy on Apple’s opportunity website: the job title “Product Manager – Maps, Writer / Editor”, is primarily responsible for “helping to build and expand a brand new content category for Apple Maps”. The wager of the matter? a own site recommendation system, similar to what Google Maps has been doing for years.

Some evidence points to this: the additional job descriptions ask the candidate to have an “insatiable curiosity for discovering new places and a passion for spreading this to the world in an engaging way”, in addition to “knowledge of trends in gastronomy, tourism and in the world of shopping ”. It makes sense, therefore.

It is worth noting that, today, Apple Maps already offer descriptions and basic information of places and establishments; these data, however, are collected from other sources such as the Yelp and the Wikipedia. If confirmed, this new venture will represent another step towards the complete independence of Apple Maps – the company has already dispensed with Google, then the geographic capture of partner companies (like TomTom), and now it will also be able to bring its own information about the locations.

None of this is unheard of for Apple, which already has its own editorial content on the App Store and Apple Music, for example. We just hope that the novelty will be launched globally. Is it too much to ask?

Public transport information in Europe

Meanwhile, the expansion of platform features continues. Now, it was the turn of the public transportation to reach yet another series of locations in the Europe, as noted by @guillaumet on Twitter.

Public transport routes on Apple Maps available in Barcelona, ​​Spain, France and elsewhere in the European Union.

Inhabitants of some Old World cities were already able to use the feature, but now it has reached a number of new locations – most cities in the France, gives Spain and the Germany are already covered with the new information. With this, residents and visitors of the cities will be able to trace public transport routes and obtain complete information about stations and lines of the subway, bus, train and whatever else is available.

It is worth noting that, in Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are already covered by the Apple Maps public transit feature. The complete list of cities that already have the functionality can be checked here.

Look around (Look Around) In the USA

Finally, the resource Look around (Look Around) – similar to Google Street View, only better – also reached three more cities in the USA: Boston, Philadelphia is the capital Washington, DC The novelty was noticed by users of the forum MacRumors.

The expansion of the resource has been slow, with availability – so far – limited to a handful of cities in the United States. This is understandable, considering the level of complexity involved in creating a true 3D capture of an entire municipality (with a much higher level of detail than Street View, it is good to note). Still, it would be nice to see it reaching other parts of the world, right?

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