Apple Maps highlights essential services, face shield instructions and more

Coronavirus: Apple Maps highlights essential services, face shield instructions and more

Following a trend by map giants like Google, Apple Maps they are also highlighting essential services. The measure helps all those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to find markets, pharmacies and other very important establishments.

With that, now these places appear first in the search (“Search for a place or address” bar), staying ahead of restaurants, fast foods, gas stations, banks and other types of establishments that used to have priority. The changes were seen on the German website

Apple Maps locations

According to AppleInsider, the change is coming gradually to users; that is, not everyone can see the new organization from the list of most important locations at this time.

Although subtle, any and all help from technology at this time is necessary, especially in places where justice has determined that the population should stay at home.

Masks manufacturing

After news that Apple is working with its supply chain to produce 1 million face shields a week, which will be delivered to healthcare professionals in the United States, the company shared a support document describing how to assemble it. They are important because they contribute to increase the time of use of other PPE.

In addition to a video showing the assembly process, the company provides instructions for use and how to sterilize the accessory. In this sense, they can be reused as long as the user rinses them with a solution of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

There is also a PDF with some indications, including a link and a QR code to facilitate access to online recommendations, as well as an email to contact the manufacturer’s support.

IPad software simulating fans

The mechanical ventilation simulation app HAMILTON-C6 is helping doctors learn how to use these machines that are saving so many lives during the pandemic. The software, originally developed for use in the classroom at iPad and in Mac, is now being used to train doctors in real time as demand for ventilators increases due to COVID-19.

Precisely due to this increase in demand, the Foxconn (one of the largest iPhone makers) has announced that it will manufacture fans in the US, as disclosed by Reuters. According to Medtronic, Foxconn’s partner in the project, the equipment will be built at Foxconn’s plant located in the US state of Wisconsin.

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac