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Apple Maps Get Public Transit Information in Multiple U.S. Locations

Slowly and always, Apple continues to update its Maps, with more and more locations covered by the various resources of the service. Of course, even though the pace has recently increased, at this step we will still have to wait a few thousand years for Ma's product to match its Google competitor, but well, I digress.

All recent news refers to American locations receiving information from public transport. Five more cities in the state of Virginia are being supported with the resource, including Richmond, Hampton, Newport News and Norfolk; in Missouri, in turn, the cities of St. Louis and Springfield had their data expanded to more lines and bus and metro companies.

General public transport information is also gaining in all metropolitan regions and large cities in the states of Maryland, Ohio, Arkansas and West Virginia; Various areas of the state of Tennessee are also being updated, such as the cities of Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

With the news, citizens of the contemplated locations will be able to enjoy all the information related to public transport modes and routes, with the right to data on the bus, metro and train lines, schedules, points and stations. Here in Brazil, only the cities of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo have the resource, so far.

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