Apple maps add real-time public transportation data and “Look around” to more locations

Apple maps add real-time public transportation data and “Look around” to more locations

It has been some time since we last covered the expansion of Apple Maps – and here we are again. Recently, the Apple platform added locations in several of its tools, such as real-time transit data it’s the «Look around» (“Look Around”).

We will see?

Public transport in real time

In some locations, when using the Apple Maps to get public transport routes, the platform will display timetables (for trains, subways or buses) based on information provided in real time by the companies in these modes – instead of simply relying on tables fixed times.

The resource has recently been expanded to several countries: Canada, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Wales and Sweden. Some cities also received the novelty, including Guanghzou, Beijing, Shenzhen (all three in China), Canberra and Sydney (both in Australia). Some American states, like Florida and New York, are also included in the tool.

Look around

Meanwhile, the (most powerful) competitor of the Street View continues with its glacial expansion: nine US cities received the resource, including Boston, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC The island of O’ahu, in Hawaii, can also be conferred by the tool.


The tool “In the surroundings”(«Nearby») is used to search for commercial establishments or points of interest near you.


Those who use Apple Maps know that the feature has a somewhat tortuous trajectory in the Brazil: officially, he arrived here in 2015, but was taken down shortly after; over the years, however, it has appeared (with no official announcement) to users on Maps. Now, Brazil is already officially listed as one of the countries that has the resource.

Other countries that now have “Nearby” include Argentina, Belgium, South Korea, Spain, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia and Turkey.

Point-to-point navigation

Point-to-point navigation arrived in Brazil last December after years of waiting – and now it continues to expand. In the most recent update, the feature reached locations like Bahamas, Chile, Greece, Haiti, Jamaica, Palestinian Territories and Uruguay.

Indoor maps

Indoor maps on Apple Maps

Finally, Apple expanded the indoor maps feature, which gives the user complete plans for airports, train stations and shopping centers. The additions include important points around the world, such as O’Hare Airports (in Chicago) and Gerald Ford (near Grand Rapids, Michigan) in the USA; Narita (Tokyo), Munich International (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), in addition to Shanghai and Shenzhen (China).

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