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Apple manages to get rid of class action involving inspecting its employees’ bags / backpacks

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In mid-June, Judge William Alsup had already dismissed an individual lawsuit against Apple filed by some former Retail Store employees, but they did not give up and turned the case into a collective action. Yesterday, as reported Reuters and Bloomberg, Apple definitely got rid of it.

In the judge’s view, the inconvenience of having bags / backpacks inspected on the way out of work would be totally unnecessary if employees simply did not take them into the work environment as many do. In addition, Apple’s lawyers stated that the practice is not carried out by all managers of their stores and that, even when this occurs, it is a very brief process.

The prosecution that can still appeal this decision, of course, demanded financial compensation for all of the more than 12,000 Apple Retail Stores employees represented by the collective action, including those currently working at Ma’s more than 50 retail stores in the United States. If Apple were convicted, it could have to shell out up to $ 60 million (according to estimates).