Apple manages to ban sales of some Samsung devices in the U.S.

Apple manages to ban sales of some Samsung devices in the U.S.

THE Apple this week achieved an important (much more symbolic than anything else) victory over the Samsung. After a lot of back-and-forth and a long time after the jury sided with Apple in the second verdict of the dispute (which continues to make a point), Ma managed to permanently ban in the United States the creation, sale, import , updating and disclosing software that infringes three Apple patents.

According to Judge Lucy Koh, Apple will suffer “irreparable damage” if Samsung continues to sell products that infringe Apple's patents. The “problem” of all this is that we are talking about an old dispute and that obviously involves devices launched for a long time. Samsung devices that infringe patents ‘647 (data detection),‘ 721 (slide to unlock) and ‘172 (text prediction) are:

  • Admire;
  • Galaxy Nexus;
  • Galaxy Note;
  • Galaxy Note II;
  • Galaxy S II;
  • Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch;
  • Galaxy S II Skyrocket;
  • Galaxy S III;
  • Stratosphere devices.

In addition to talking about very old devices that currently should not represent anything to Samsung in terms of sales, Florian Mueller (from FOSS Patents) noted very well that the ‘721 and’ 172 patents will most likely be invalidated soon, while ‘647 will expire on February 1 (a few days from now).

In short, this victory basically serves for Apple's lawyers to prove that they can enforce a ban (a great case for their CV) and to scare other companies (even Samsung itself) by showing that Apple can block device sales if it does. think you're being harmed in some way. Now, if that supposed ban is relevant, the other story. After all, these cases are hardly ever judged in time to have a negative impact on the current handset sales of these companies.

Life goes on

(via AppleInsider)