Apple makes Universal Shopping debut on the App Store

Apple makes Universal Shopping debut on the App Store

Good news: announced by Apple in early February, the Universal Purchase (Universal Purchase) for apps is now available!

You have no idea what this is about? We explain: until then, apps for iOS and macOS had no way to have a connection and needed to be purchased separately by users, even with the developer wanting to offer the app for both operating systems for a single purchase.

As of today, developers can offer users the possibility of making a single purchase, freeing access to the same app available for all platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS).

If you’re a developer, just use a unique ID of bundle for apps when creating / editing the app in Xcode 11.4, configuring your registration for universal purchase on the App Store Connect.

Because of this novelty, Apple had to unify the categories of applications in the App Store with those in the Mac App Store. Among the changes (all in the Mac App Store), is the merging of the “Photography” and “Video” categories of the Mac App Store into one, called “Photo & Video”, as well as the promotion of the “Children” category, which before era is a sub-category of “Games”.

It is worth noting that, despite the announcement, there are still no applications compatible with the novelty in [Mac] App Store. Soon, however, users will be able to enjoy the novelty – and preferably save money! ?