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Apple makes its Black Friday in several countries, but Brazil is out

The repetitive speech, but we need to start like this to punctuate things. Many here should not remember, but the Apple was one of the first companies to offer discounts to customers in sexta-feira Negra Here in Brazil. Don't you believe it? Well, check out this 2009 article publicizing Ma d's offers until a knot in the throat to see that, at that time, the 13-inch MacBook Pro was sold for R $ 3,278.

The Special Shopping Day (as Apple called the event here in Brazil) extended until 2013 and, after this year, no more discounts for Brazilians. Obviously the formula was repeated now, in 2018.

Apple Shopping Event

Apple is promoting a Shopping Event in several countries, offering discounts ranging from $ 25 (Apple TVs) a $ 200 (Macs).

In addition to the United States, the event is taking place in the following countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Finland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland. It is worth noting that none Latin American countries are participating.

Not all of the company's current products have discounts. On iPhones, for example, only models 7 and 8 (and their Plus variants) have $ 50 discount; on iPads, none of the new Pro models the customer gets $ 100 discount if you choose the iPad model 9.7, the iPad Pro 10.5 (last generation, which was replaced by the model 11) and the iPad mini 4 (which, we agree, should no longer exist as it is today ).

On Macs, the discount is valid for the new MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar and for the iMac Pro, but nothing about the newly launched MacBook Air (just the old one, which is still on sale); j for your watch line, the discount of $ 50 s includes the Apple Watch Series 3; some Beats headphones (like Solo3, Studio3 and Powerbeats3) are also on the list.

it is worth mentioning that the discount is in the form of Gift Cards; when you buy one of these products, you receive a gift card with the determined value. In addition, there is a limit of two cards per category of eligible products.