Apple makes available the third beta versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 [atualizado 3x: macOS Big Sur 11]

iOS 14 e macOS Big sur

Apple has just released the third beta versions of iOS / iPadOS 14 (build 18A5332f), from watchOS 7 (18R5340d) and the tvOS 14 (18J5344d), just over two weeks after the release of the second. At least for now, there is no new macOS Big Sur 11.

We have already covered several new features of these systems, but those familiar with the world of betas know that the new versions usually bring new features, even more so in this initial testing phase – so it is worth keeping an eye on in the coming days / weeks. ?

For the time being these new test compilations are only available to developers, but soon they should also reach members of the Apple Beta Software Program – who already have access to the new operating systems since the penultimate betas.

Apple also took advantage and released today to developers the Xcode 12 beta 3 (build 12A8169g), the Apple Configurator 2.13 beta 2 (1A16), the Classroom for iPad 3.3 beta (3A7), the Classroom for Mac 2.3 beta (3A4) and the macOS Server 5.11 beta (20S5026).

Let the tests continue! ??

Update 07/22/2020 at 16:18

As expected, iOS 14 beta 3 and watchOS 7 beta 3 release the capabilities of electrocardiogram (ECG) and irregular heart rate notifications for Brazilians, after their official launch with iOS 13.6 and watchOS 6.2.8.

Now they are all similar in that sense. ?

Update II 07/22/2020 at 17:54

It took a little while, but now the macOS Big Sur 11 beta 3 (build 20A5323l).

Apple informs developers that a priori the macOS update system will offer beta 3 as a complete installation, but by clicking “More Info…” it is possible to choose only the incremental update for this new test version, without problems.

Update III, by Eduardo Marques 07/23/2020 at 15:45

Apple today released the second public beta versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 to participants in the Apple Beta Software Program – which are equivalent to the third beta versions released to developers.

It now remains to wait for the release of the second versions of macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7.