Apple maintains title of largest technology company in the Fortune Global 500 ranking

Apple maintains title of largest technology company in the Fortune Global 500 ranking

A few months ago, we commented here on how Apple had regained third place in the Fortune 500, list of the largest companies in the United States in a series of metrics conducted by the magazine Fortune. Now in the ranking Fortune Global 500 – which includes the largest companies in the world, and not only in the USA -, Apple did equally well.

Conquering the 11th place in the general ranking, Apple is the best placed technology company in the world, surpassing rivals such as Amazon (13th), the Samsung (15th), the Alphabet (Google’s 37th parent company), Microsoft (60º), the Huawei (61º) and the Dell (84th). Others in the technology field, such as Sony, a LG, a Nokia and the Xiaomi, also appeared in the ranking, but below the top 100.

Despite relatively low iPhones sales in recent quarters, Apple is the second largest company in the world in terms of annual profits: $ 59 billion in the last 12 months, against almost $ 111 billion from the leader in this metric, the Saudi Aramco (6th place in the general ranking).

THE Walmart continues to lead the Fortune Global 500, but the 2019 list has a surprise: for the first time, it is made up of more companies from China (129) that of United States (121). Among the fastest growing Chinese companies, we have the Xiaomi (which debuted in the ranking now), Tencent (which rose 94 positions) and the Alibaba (went up 118).

Among Brazilian companies, we have the Petrobras (74th place), the Itaú Unibanco (191º), the JBS (219º), the Bradesco (221º), the Bank of Brazil (269º), the Federal Savings Bank (305º), the Valley (336º) and the Ultrapar (499º). All fell in positions compared to 2018 – except Caixa, which remained in its place.

The complete ranking can be accessed through this link.

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