Apple maintains sales target of ten million iPhones until the end of the year

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Apple remains firmly committed to its mobile platform, consisting of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. At a Goldman Sachs investor conference, Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, reaffirmed the company’s expectations for the sale of ten million iPhones by the end of the year, even in the face of declining mobile phone production and declining annual orders Apple’s Memories flash.

Tim Cook also said that Apple is not «married» to the current iPhone marketing model, referring to the practice of exclusivity with a single operator per country and that the company is open to new ways of distributing and marketing the iPhone. popular terminal. This speech largely departs from Apple’s attitude at the time of the original launch of the mobile phone, pointing out the need for specific contracts with mobile operators to support certain technologies and features, such as the visual voicemail.

At the same time, an official Apple event for March 6 was also announced, with a view to presenting the SDK for the company’s mobile devices, as well as presenting future development plans. THE email also includes reference to innovative business features, possibly allowing the skeptical business market to open on the iPhone, with features such as Push support email, in an implementation still unknown.

The publication of the SDK – Software Development Kit – will allow the development of native applications to the platform by third parties, further expanding the functional spectrum of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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