Apple maintains leadership in technical support quality in 2009

Apple maintains leadership in technical support quality in 2009

A new study produced by the journal LAPTOP tried to weave the general scenario about the quality of technical support provided by ten major computer manufacturers (the largest in the market). Amid so many giants in the PC industry, only Apple was able to receive an A rating on all the issues analyzed by the survey.

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The publishers of the publication report that the company is very skilled in helping users by phone or chat and we can prove, without forcing waits longer than five minutes and with good quality of connection, its support entirely based in the United States. In addition, Ma's chain of stores is excellent for helping users personally.

Other large manufacturers, such as Lenovo and Sony, came close to Apple's supportive quality, with a B + rating. However, most of them (ASUS, Fujitsu, Gateway and Toshiba) did not reach such a rating because of delays, errors and poor call quality as they host their telephone support facilities in areas such as India and the Philippines, according to the magazine. The giants in the sector (Dell, HP and Acer) failed to pass the C- grade, with Dell being the worst of them (and, consequently, in the entire survey).

Several factors justify these low marks, such as confusing telephone support, difficulties in finding what is sought in online help systems and a series of basic errors and delays. According to the magazine's findings, these failures affect companies that sell low-cost products that have too small profit margins to justify investments that make these technical support systems better for users. Apple, in turn, managed to develop an efficient service system in its stores, in addition to making its website user-friendly.

The matter of LAPTOP on the subject is available in full on its portal.

(Via: Electronista.)