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Apple loses yet another lawsuit to Swatch, now for the phrase “One more thing…”

Tim Cook com "One more thing…"

A few weeks ago, Apple lost a lawsuit to Swatch in Switzerland. The watchmaker launched a campaign entitled “Tick different”; Apple didn’t like it very much because it alludes to the famous slogan «Think Different», used in the 1990s. Now, Apple has accumulated yet another defeat for Swatch – this time in Australia.

As many of you may know, Apple used (and still does) in some of its product presentations the phrase “One more thing…” to present some novelty long awaited by the public. And the new defeat revolves around this phrase: the company wanted to prevent Swatch from using it in Australia; in parallel, he tried to register everything with the Australian Trademark Office. It didn’t work: Apple lost, having to pay Swatch’s court costs.

According to the The Sydney Morning Herald, «The court agreed with Swatch that Apple never used the phrase in connection with any ‘private’ goods or services, only in presentations.»

Swatch argued that it used the phrase to market a set of watches inspired by «Film noir», claiming that the use was influenced by the television series “Columbo” – the series’s leading policeman used to say “One more thing…”.

via 9to5Mac