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Apple loses title of most valuable company in the world to oil company Saudi Aramco [atualizado 2x]

On the same day that the Brazilian XP Inc. debuted on NASDAQ, the Apple made it beautiful once again and established a new record for your actions.

The company's papers closed the day high on 0.85%, quoted at $ 270.77 just $ 0.06 above the previous record, but enough to raise the company's market value to $ 1,224 rail. During the negotiations, $ AAPL was worth $ 271.10.

THE Microsoft continues to pursue Ma and today rose 0.38% to $ 1.156 rail.

Apple loses title of most valuable company in the world

As we reported, the oil company Saudi Aramco debuted on the stock market (not on NASDAQ, but on the Saudi stock market). And it ate pretty, rising 10%, playing the maket share from the company to US $ 1.88 rail.

Controversial Saudi prince / ruler Mohammed bin Salman has made the company public to raise funds to diversify Saudi Arabia's economy, which is now heavily dependent on oil.

We'll see how long this scenario lasts.

via Cult of Mac | image: The Sydney Morning Herald

Update 12/12/2019 s 21:12

One more day, another record for Apple: Apple's shares were up today. 0.25%closing the day on $ 271.46 during the negotiations they even hit $ 272.55. With that, the market cap of the company is now in $ 1,227 rail.

Microsoft follows on; her papers appreciated 1.02% and are priced at $ 153.24; As a result, its market value jumped to $ 1,169 rail. Alphabet is right behind it worth $ 931 billion, followed by Amazon which now has a market cap of $ 872.8 billion.

Update II by Rafael Fischmann 12/13/2019 s HH: MM

A new day, a new record: $ AAPL rose 1.36% today, probably thanks to the US agreement with China, and closed the day quoted at $ 275.15. The NASDAQ price peak of $ 275.30 was also historic.

With that, Apple's market value went to $ 1.243 rail. Meanwhile, the MSFT rose 0.84%, closing the day quoted at $ 154.53 and with a market cap of $ 1.191 rail.