Apple loses retail VP, but gains Google employee listed as the inventor of an “electric vehicle”

Bob Kupbens, Apple Retail VP

With exclusivity, the 9to5Mac noticed that Bob Kupbens (Apple’s vice president of retail) left the company last week.

Bob Kupbens, Apple Retail VP

Kupbens has been with Apple since 2014, when he left Delta Airlines (he was responsible for digital marketing). At the time, responding to newly hired senior vice president of retail, Angela Ahrendts, he replaced Jennifer Bailey who is now responsible for Apple Pay, working directly with all online retail initiatives, including recent store changes and the iPhone Upgrade Program (something like ?iPhone Update Program?).

It is not yet known whether his position will be filled by someone inside the company or with someone hired from outside.

Apple hires another Google employee

Speaking of ?hiring from outside,? it seems that Ma is moving at a frenetic pace of acquisitions from other companies in view of the hiring of several Tesla employees and the recent one of the co-founder of Google X.

This time, the Quartz noticed that Kurt Adelberger left Google to join Apple. However, this hiring is not particularly new. This is because, according to his LinkedIn profile, Adelberger joined Tim Cook’s team in July 2015 and, since then, works as a product designer.

The peculiar fact that yesterday it was revealed that Google initiated a patent application for an electric car in which Adelberger is listed as «inventor» along with four other names. Taking into account his vast experience in energy storage and management, in this project he would be responsible for a mechanism that helps to improve the connection between the electric car and the charging station.

If we add the «puzzle», we might be able to assume that the product he is working on at Ma is the «Apple Car». Although this is our desire, another possibility is that he will only be in charge of energy management as a whole, given the fact that he has already worked with solar panels at Google.

(via MacRumors)