Apple loses important parts in several areas such as safety and health

Coming and going from Cupertino: Apple loses important parts in several areas such as safety and health

Cupertino’s comings and goings remain heated. Let’s go to the news of the week?


As reported by Variety, the veteran music journalist Alex Gale was appointed Apple Music’s editorial chief. The ex-Billboard, Complex, XXL and Vibe stay based in Los Angeles and started work for Ma this week, according to Jen Robbins (director of project management and editorial at Apple).

Gale will lead the team responsible for all content written on Apple’s music platforms, including Apple Music and iTunes, with some intersection in video projects and global radio Beats 1.


After seven years with the company, Lee Freedman (director and principal investigative advisor) left Apple to take a position on Facebook. He, who has spent time in the Department of Justice, is credited with the creator of Ma’s cyber program, where he managed the cyber investigation team before being promoted to director of investigations.

Yes, he is the guy assigned to prevent leaks and supervise Apple’s team of investigators who track how information and unsolicited products make the world media. He was also responsible for working with authorities on security matters, in addition to overseeing cargo theft, retail issues and other security concerns at Apple. Apple’s new head of security now Jessica Kirschbraun.


According to Variety, Disney’s technology subsidiary, BAMTech, hired Kevin Swint to be senior vice president and general manager of the long-awaited streaming of videos that the entertainment giant as well as Apple is also taking off the paper soon.

Swint started his career at Walmart, leading digital products and services. At Apple, he was the head of the iTunes movie business and led efforts to expand the store internationally.


Less than two years after being hired, Stephen Friend already left Ma, as reported by CNBC.

In 2016, when he was hired, the subject was widely commented on in the health community for being a big name accepting a challenge in a technology company. Since then, Apple has made good progress in the area, especially in the recently announced feature by the company, in which the person’s medical records are stored on the iPhone.

Interestingly, Friend doesn’t seem to have gone to any company since his LinkedIn page now shows him as an ?independent entrepreneur?.

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