Apple loses engineering talent, but hires Disney executive for Apple TV +

The meetings and farewells in Cupertino they are still going full steam ahead: Ma lost a major engineering talent this time around, but certainly brought a high-ranking Disney executive to her own land, already thinking of new horizons for Apple TV +. Let's take a turn for the news.

Eric Krugler

Eric Krugler

The farewell to Eric Krugler, a 16-year-old Apple veteran who co-founded the iCloud leadership team and, until recently, headed the engineering side of Ma's cloud platform.

Krugler left Cupertino toward Clever, startup Dedicated to primary / secondary education in the United States more precisely, focused on software and automation services for students and teachers. The engineer joined the company as vice president of engineering.

He had already left Apple in June 2018 and joined Clever last month, but only revealed the news recently, sharing the reasons for the change and stating that he found, in startup"A group of incredibly talented people whose motivation is problem solving for students and teachers." Very well then.

Chiara Cipriani

Meanwhile, a high-ranking executive is entering the mammoth gates of Ma. Chiara Cipriani, which was until recently at Disney as vice president of Disney + International, the foreign production initiative of the upcoming streaming from Mickey Before that, she was head of DisneyLife.

According to BloombergCipriani arrived at Apple in early May as Director of Video Services; She will hold the position at Ma's offices in London and should be charged with attracting content from various countries to Apple TV +.

The executive j updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect the news.

Ken Kocienda

Finally, a strongly associated name Apple joined another company. According to TechCrunch, Ken Kocienda, a veteran of Ma and author of several books, was hired by Postmates, delivery and logistics solutions company.

Ken Kocienda

Kocienda has worked on developing various iconic Apple products and services such as Safari, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and has collaborated on all versions of iOS (up to 11). In addition, he wrote books like Creative Selection, focused on the process of creating some of Ma's most famous designs.

In his new adventure, Kocienda will join the Postmates X team in the development of Serve, a small standalone vehicle that further automates the company's delivery service.