Apple loses employees to Readdle, Facebook and Fantag as it sets up laboratory in Switzerland

The chair dance in the Silcio Valley continues.

Developer of numerous successful apps for iOS and macOS, the Readdle today announced the hiring of Terry Blanchard Apple's software engineer who worked for six years on Mail.

It obviously helps in the development of the Spark client.

Terry Blanchard (Mail) at Readdle

“Spark is modernizing email as we know it.

We share a fundamental vision of what the future of email should be, ”said Blanchard.

"I have always admired Readdle for its beautiful and innovative products, which make it the ideal company to make this vision a reality."

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

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In related notes, Michael Hillman designer and engineer who spent the last 15 years at Apple and helped develop iconic projects like the iMac is leaving Cupertino towards Menlo Park, more specifically the headquarters of Facebook, where he co-headed the Oculus division, the virtual reality device purchased by Mark Zuckerberg's company some time ago.

How strange that an important name in Apple design left the company to run a virtual reality division elsewhere just when Tim Cook and his gang turned their attention to technology, that.

But who am I to give an opinion on Cupertino's comings and goings, anyway?

The third exit has to do with John Stone, who was already vice president of Apple between 2001 and 2003, when Ma acquired its startup educational technology concept.

Stone was hired by Fantag, a company specialized in mobile video technology, where it plays the role of COO (chief operating officer).

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Parallel to all this back-and-forth, Apple would be hiring researchers with computer vision and robotics for a new Research & Development (R&D) laboratory located in Sua.

There are reports that she has already hired several specialists in visual navigation from universities in Zurich, which suggests that a good part of them would be assigned to the rumored project of an "Apple Car".

ETH Zurich UniversityETH Zurich University

Incidentally, they also discovered in the latest supplier liability report that Apple is now working with Bosch in Germany, whose location specializes in manufacturing automotive components. Oh, well

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