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Apple Loses AR Talent, Names First Area Marketing Director

Amid so many new (and old) projects, it is only natural that Apple will make some changes (read: hires and layoffs) in its staff. Recently, such changes hit Ma's AR / VR team who “lost” a great talent, but gained their first head of marketing among other Cupertino comings and goings.

Avi Bar-Zeev

Avi Bar-Zeev

Just over two years after joining Apple, the augmented reality engineer and co-inventor of HoloLens, Avi Bar-Zeev, left the company last month, as reported by Variety. The engineer was working on Ma's secret project that encompasses some of the company's possible future AR / VR products, such as Apple Glass and others. headsets of virtual reality.

More precisely, Bar-Zeev was senior manager of the team that develops these technologies at Apple; In his LinkedIn profile, the engineer detailed that he led a “prototype experiment project” and “developed key prototypes to prove concepts” during his time at Ma.

Apple did not officially comment on the engineer's exit, but Bar-Zeev told Variety (and also posted on his Twitter profile) that it has been a smooth process and that he plans to work with AR / VR consultants as he chews on Apple's next big thing.

As an intrepid reporter asked me to comment, I will share this with you too

I left my full-time position at Apple in January. I had the best thing imaginable. I only have good things to say about Apple and I won't comment on specific product plans.

As we said, Bar-Zeev is known for helping to found and invent HoloLens, Microsoft's holistic mixed reality computer. In addition, he is responsible for bringing together the first prototypes and AR user interface concepts, having also worked at Amazon, Google and Disney.

Frank Casanova

Leaving the engineering team, but still talking about Apple's AR team, the company named the former iPhone clerk and marketing executive, Frank Casanova, as its first augmented reality marketing director, as the Bloomberg.

Casanova joined the Cupertino giant in 1988 when he took over as product manager, and worked for several years as Apple's senior partner marketing partner. Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the executive has been on the marketing team of the gadget Ma's flagship.

According to Casanova's LinkedIn profile, he is now responsible for “all aspects of product marketing from Apple's augmented reality initiative. This may mean that the decision to appoint an AR marketing chief points to the launch of even more Ma services (or products) in the future, as the Bloomberg.

In addition, the site reiterated that Apple is planning to launch a TrueDepth rear-camera iPhone in 2020. The information is in line with the TF International Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, suggested last September.

Dr. Christine Curry

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In addition to projects involving augmented reality, Apple is also working on a new health program called AC Wellness, which includes clinics focused on serving employees of the company and their families.

Since the announcement of this venture (almost a year ago), Ma has been hiring doctors and other health professionals who will be part of the staff of this program. This time, the big news is the hiring of the obstetrician Dr. Christine Curry, which should reinforce the efforts of the Cupertino giant in women's health, as CNBC.

Prior to joining Ma, Curry worked for the American NGO Kaiser Permanente, also attending a Massachusetts women's prison and the University of Miami Medical School, where she specialized in Zika virus.

AC Wellness clinics were expected to open late last year, but for months Apple has not released any information or news about the program. In an interview for CNBC Released earlier this year, Ma CEO Tim Cook said Apple's biggest contribution to humanity is its health resources.